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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Charlie Murphy

Baby Quilt

With some luck I might finish this before our baby is born. I really should have machine-quilted it as the design and piece work is what I enjoy doing anyway.

Wacky blue exposure. Inaccurate, but I like it.

We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl so don't read anything into the color. Actually, I suppose you could, but not about the gender of the baby, rather about the fabric donors. My father, my uncle and me. Much of the fabric for this came from a seersucker suit my father gave me when I was in high school. Needless to say, it no longer fits. The blue and white dress shirts, how I saw him clothed everyday for two decades--not to say he wore much white. Actually he was more likely to wear pink, but that would be a different quilt I think. I admit some of the Oxford cloth came from fat quarters I bought but the evocation for me is the same. The medium blue fabric may have been hand-dyed by my uncle, or it might have been from and irregular lot. In any case, there was no repeat. It was fabric he had packed away, presumably waiting for the right project to come along. So, another memorial piece. One to be thrown-up upon.

Medicine Cabinet

Finished and mounted the medicine cabinet to match the base. It's all a bit much in a small bathroom, but what the hell.